My Favorite Chinese Dishes

One thing that has excited me about my trip to China is being able to sample all of the local cuisine. I love food, so I couldn’t wait to try everything that China has to offer. The local takeout Chinese food you get in America is rubbish compared to the real thing you find in China.

Here are just a few of my favorite dishes that I’ve tried:

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Already Getting Homesick

Yes, it’s happening already. I’m already feeling homesick. Even though I’ve only been here in China for a few weeks, I can feel myself getting homesick for my hometown of Arlington TX.

The first few weeks have been great. I’ve been getting acquainted with China and my new classroom. My students have been great and seem to love my teaching. They are always happy to come to class.

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New experiences for foreign English teachers in China

China was a closed society for quite a long period and it was only recently that it loosened its once rigid communist rule, opened its doors to the world, and embraced free trade. The communist nation for the first time admitted foreign businesses and professionals which are only too eager to come in to serve the needs of the 1.3 billion Chinese, the world’s largest population. In this now open environment, the Chinese people felt the need to learn English as the lingua franca of world trade which China’s leaders encouraged so that they can keep in step with modernity and technology. Hence, English teachers from foreign lands have been allowed into China in droves to teach English as a second language to its children.

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Bon Voyage

Well, today I’m currently writing this blog post mid-flight on my way to China! I’m heading off to China to begin my adventure teaching English abroad in China for a year. This is by far the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life so I’m extremely nervous about what is to come on this journey, but I’m also very excited. I can’t wait to arrive and see where I will be living for the next year of my life and I can’t wait to meet my students and to see what they think about me. Most of all, I can’t wait to see and explore the land of China – the many interesting sites and cities, the food, the people and the culture.

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